Alice in Wonderland Paper Dolls

Alice in Wonderland Paper Dolls: Through an All New Looking Glass by Charlotte Whatley.

Published by Dover, 2010. Paperback, first edition.

ISBN-10: 0486479587

From the back cover:

Prepare to fall down the rabbit hole and plunge through the looking glass again — Alice is getting edgy with this modern paper-doll interpretation. Replete with stunningly original costumes and accessories, these 16 dolls crackle with steampunk style, a creative combination of science fiction, fantasy, and Victorian-and Edwardian-era fashions. This vibrant re-imagining will appeal to paper-doll enthusiasts of all ages.

Seems a bit of a swizz that you have to cut the dolls out yourself- I’m sure when I was a kid, they were all pre-cut and you just had to press them out before you lost all the bits…

Available on Amazon: Alice in Wonderland Paper Dolls: Through an All New Looking Glass

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