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Alex’s Adventures in Numberland

Alex’s Adventures in Numberland by Alex Bellos.

Published by Bloomsbury, 2010. Hardback.

ISBN: 978-0747597162

Not really an Alice, but a mixture of maths and anecdote. Perfect for the small innumerate subset of geekery which includes myself.

Product Description:

In this richly entertaining and accessible book, Alex Bellos explodes the myth that maths is best left to the geeks. Covering subjects from adding to algebra, from set theory to statistics, and from logarithms to logical paradoxes, he explains how mathematical ideas underpin just about everything in our lives. Alex explains the surprising geometry of the 50p piece, and the strategy of how best to gamble it in a casino. He shines a light on the mathematical patterns in nature, and on the peculiar predictability of random behavior. He eats a potato crisp whose revolutionary shape was unpalatable to the ancient Greeks, and he shows the deep connections between maths, religion and philosophy. Alex weaves a journey from primary school to university level maths, from ancient history to the computing frontline, and from St Louis, Missouri, to Braintree, Essex. He meets the world’s fastest mental calculators in Germany, consults a numerologist in the US desert, meets a startlingly numerate chimpanzee in Japan, and seeks advice from a venerable Hindu sage in India. An unlikely but exhilarating cocktail of history, reportage and mathematical proofs, Alex’s dispatches from ‘Numberland’ show the world of maths to be a much friendlier and more colourful place than you might have imagined.

Bought for me by Jon, but available on amazon: Alex’s Adventures in Numberland


Illustrated by Mervyn Peake

Both Alices, with illustrations by Mervyn Peake. Published by Bloomsbury.

Wonderland: published 2001 in this edition. Introduction by Will Self.
Hardback first edition with dustjacket.

ISBN: 0747553688

Looking Glass: published 2001 in this edition. Introduction by Zadie Smith.
Hardback with dustjacket.

ISBN: 0747553734

Loads of stuff about Mervyn Peake here.

Box set of the two available on Amazon: Alice/Looking-glass Box-set


Bloomsbury and Penguin 60

Two Alices published by Bloomsbury Classics and by Penguin 60.

The Bloomsbury is charming: published 1995. Hardback with dustjacket. Sweet silhouette illustrations by Jeff Fischer.

ISBN: 0747522847

Bought in Brighton for £2. Available on amazon: Alice in Wonderland (Bloomsbury Classic)

The Penguin is one of the ’60s’, published in 1996 to celebrate Penguin’s anniversary. It’s short excerpts from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

ISBN: 0146003209

I think this was an Oxfam buy. Lots of the series available on amazon: Penguin 60s Children

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