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Blue Alice

scan0041Blue Alice: A Trip Through a Sexual Wonderland by Jackson Short.

Paperback. Published by Dell, 1972. First printing.

Alice seems to be a popular subject for ‘adult’ interpretations. The back cover of this book says “”Once upon a time there was a wee sexy miss named Alice”.

From the blurb:

Curiouser and curiouser!

Poor Alice. First there was the White Hophead who led her astray… then Timothy J. Caterpillar, the psychedelic guru with his unusual methods of instruction… then General March O’Hare and General Mad Anthony Hatter, both wigged out of their skulls on Hanoi Gold… then Tricky Dick Cheshire, who was willing to do anything to make everyone, and especially Alice, love him… then Horatio H. Humpty, who gets his kicks with his ever ready mouth… next came the White Knight of New York, who liked it best on horseback… and the Red Queen, who showed Alice a new way to a woman’s heart,,,

Yes indeed, things were getting curiouser and curiouser for Alice- and the worst, and best, was yet to come…

Fantastic 1970’s stylee cover art…


Through the Broken Mirror With Alice

Through the Broken Mirror With Alice by Maia Wojciechowska.

ISBN: 0152869506

Published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1972.

1st edition hardback with dustjacket.

From the bumf:

Armed only with a copy of Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass”, a 12-year-old African-American girl named Alice is turned out of her Harlem foster-home with nowhere to go and sets out on a fantastic journey based on the classic novel. Does she have a wonderful imagination or is she mad?

Alice meets transformations of the looking glass characters along the way : Alice, of course, becomes a pawn; the local librarian is the White Queen, the school history teacher is the Black Queen (“All the black ways around here belong to me,” the Black Queen says. “And all the white ways belong to me,” the White Queen adds) and the school principal and psychiatrist become Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Maia Wojciechowska (1927 – 2002) was a writer of books for teenagers and young adults. Born into a military family in Warsaw, she spent some time with her family in France and England before settling in the United States. She has worked as an undercover detective, a motorcycle racer, a translator for Radio Free Europe, a copy girl for Newsweek, editor, and a bullfighter in Mexico before turning to writing. She was a friend of Ernest Hemingway and two of his wives. She won the Newbery Medal in 1965 with Shadow of a Bull.

Available on amazon: Through the Broken Mirror with Alice


Under the Quizzing Glass: A Lewis Carroll Miscellany

Under the Quizzing Glass: A Lewis Carroll Miscellany edited by R.B. Shaberman and Denis Crutch.

Published by The Magpie Press, 1972. Paperback.

The credit page says “Limited to 400 numbered copies (Nos. 1-25 being specially bound) of which this is No.”, and then there’s not a number but a hand drawn dash. What does that mean?

According to the frontispiece:

…containing original studies of his life and work together with some scarce Carrolliana now first reprinted and a poem never before published.

The best bit from my point of view is the “First Draft of an Annotated Handlist of Continuations and Imitations of Alice”.  I have a fair few of them already, but it gives me plenty more to track down!

Shaberman has written other books on Carroll, and apparently also on Nostradamus. Denis Crutch has written for the Lewis Carroll Society.

Bought on Amazon: Under the Quizzing Glass: Lewis Carroll Miscellany


Alice in Bennetland

Alice in Bennetland by Peter A. Johnson.

Illustrated by Snark.

Published by Dog Island Enterprises. Undated, and I’m confused about dating- it’s parodying 1950s British Colombia, but I’ve seen it dated as 1972- why so much later?

8vo softback, 39 pages.

Apparently a satire on 1950s British Columbia politics: the Social Credit party and Bennett government, but my knowledge of 1950s Canadian politics is non-existent.

Ah, the power of t’internet: wiki tells me that Bennett came to power in 1952, but was there until 1972 so that would explain the publication at that time.

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