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The Nursery Alice

The Nursery Alice by Lewis Carroll. Illustrations by Tenniel. Published by Godfrey Cave Associates Ltd, 1985.

Hardback first edition in this version: with dust jacket.

ISBN: 1850070512

First published in 1890 by Macmillan, 25 years after the original Alice, this is a shortened and simplified version of the story, adapted for younger readers by Carroll himself.

You can read the whole text here.

ONCE upon a time,  there was a little girl called Alice:  and she had a very curious dream.

Would you like to hear what it was that she dreamed about ?

Well,  this was the first thing that happened.   A White Rabbit came running by,  in a great hurry;  and,  just as it passed Alice,  it stopped,  and took its watch out of its pocket.

Wasn’t that a funny thing ?   Did you ever see a Rabbit that had a watch,  and a pocket to put it in ?   Of course,  when a Rabbit has a watch,  it must have a pocket to put it in:  it would never do to carry it about in its mouth—and it wants its hands sometimes,  to run about with.

Hasn’t it got pretty pink eyes (I think all White Rabbits have pink eyes);  and pink ears;  and a nice brown coat;  and you can just see its red pocket-handkerchief peeping out of its coat pocket:  and,  what with its blue neck-tie and its yellow waistcoat,  it really is very nicely dressed.


Automated Alice

Automated Alice by Jeff Noon.

Published 1996, Doubleday. First edition hardback. Dust jacket very faded at the top, as you can see from the scan.

In the book, Alice finds herself in 1998 Manchester when she enters an old grandfather clock, and soon becomes the prime suspect in the puzzling “Jigsaw Murders”. The automated Alice of the title is her doll Celia, who grows to life-size and becomes a sort of cyborg.

The jacket notes:

In the last years of his life, the fantasist Charles Dodgson wrote a third Alice book. This mysterious work was never published or shown to anybody. That’s not quite true. Automated Alice was written by Lewis Carroll, Lewis Carroll was the nom de plume of Charles Dodgson. No, that’s not even slighly true either. Automated Alice was written by Zenith O’Clock, the Writer of Wrongs. Oh dear that’s not at all right. This book was written by Jeff Noon. Zenith O’Clock is only a character invented by Jeff Noon. What Alice encounters in the automated future is mostly accidental; mutant hybrids, sinister gameplay, chaos theory, a robo-Alice, quantum physics, computermites, jigsaw killers, tickling vurt feathers, puzzle poems and an invisible cat called Quark.

Noon has said “I really felt Lewis Carroll was looking over my shoulder, correcting things, giving me ideas…Spooky!”


Songs from Alice

Songs from “Alice”: “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll.

Cover and illustrations by Charles Folkard.

Published by Adam and Charles Black, 1979. Softback.

Includes: The Little Crocodile, You are Old Father William, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat, Pig and Pepper, The Lobster Quadrille, ‘Tis the Voice of the Lobster, Beautiful Soup, The Queen of Hearts, Jabberwocky, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, The Walrus and the Carpenter, Humpty Dumpty, Little Fishes, The Lion and the Unicorn, A-Sitting on a Gate, Queen Alice, Hush-a-by Lady in Alice’s Lap and The Fish Riddle.


Alice in Sunderland

Alice in Sunderland by Bryan Talbot.

Published 2007, by Jonathan Cape. Signed first edition, hardback.

ISBN: 978-0224080767

Described by the author as “an entertainment including numerous interesting diversions and digressions”, it’s a sort of graphic-novel-history-myth-geography-biography thing. With Lewis Carroll in it.

The illustration ranges from pen and ink to photographs, from newsprint and paintings to computer graphics.

The Cartoon Museum displayed art from the graphic novel (as well as exploring various influences) from April to July 2007, and that’s when Anna got me my signed copy 🙂


Alice Through the Microscope

Alice Through the Microscope: The Power of Science Over Women’s Lives– Ed: The Brighton Women and Science Group.

Published by Virago 1980.

First edition hardback with dustcover.

Apparently ‘Looks at the destructiveness of science in relation to women’s issues’. Whatever that means.

Includes three articles on “Science and Women in Society,” four on “Science and Women’s Bodies,” and three on “Technological Control.”

ISBN: 0860680789


two small editions of alice

Two printings of Alice.

Alice in Wonderland. Published by W.F. Graham, 1992. Edited by Judith Leah. Illustrated by Georgina Hargreaves. ISBN: 185128396x  48mo, paperback.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Published by Parragon Children’s Library, 1994. ISBN: 1858139643. Hardback 48mo. No dust jacket.


penguin vs. puffin

Two versions of Alice, one Penguin, one Puffin, one Wonderland, one Looking Glass. Both original author and illustrations.

Penguin: Popular Classics, published 1994

ISBN: 0140620877

Puffin: published 1962, this copy 1976.

ISBN: 0140301690

Not the most interesting things in my collection, but I do love the cover of the Puffin.

Both bought in Oxfam.

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