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The Return of the Jabberwock


The Return of the Jabberwock: Inspired By Lewis Carroll’s Famous Poem. Written by Oakley Graham and illustrated by David Neale.

ISBN-10: 1782441719
ISBN-13: 978-1782441717

Published by Top That! Publishing Ltd (1 Oct. 2013)

Back cover blurb:

A brave little boy sets off on an adventure to find the Jabberwock, just like his great grandfather before him. But what creatures will he encounter in mysterious Tulgey Wood?

Available on Amazon.



To Solvers of the Cat’s Challenge: Hidden City

To Solvers of the Cat’s Challenge: Hidden City.

Letter given at the completion of The Hunt for the Cheshire Cat adventure from Hidden City, in 2018.

From Hidden City’s website:

Follow the mischievous cat’s curious clues on a journey across the city. Weave through galleries in search of reflection, scour the literary archives for wares of Wonderland word, and descend into cellar vaults to paws for drinks. Discover a darker side to the world of Wonderland. And perhaps yourself, too…

Hidden City treasure hunts are great fun: I’ve done a few with my friends now, and when an Alice themed one popped up, it was an essential… We went to some cool new places around London: it was a shame that it ended up in an area where we all worked so it was a bit more predictable, but that’s hardly Hidden City’s fault, and the puzzles were still fun.

Wish we’d got to keep the pocket watch though…



Alice’s Adventures Under Ground: Royal Opera House


Alice’s Adventures Under Ground: Royal Opera House programme.

From the 2020 production of the one-act opera by Gerald Barry.

The opera lasts less than an hour, and the 54 parts are sung by a cast of only seven.

From the Opera House site:

Fun, furious, frantic, and utterly fantastic! The surreal world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice, both in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, is given an extra twist in Gerald Barry’s operatic treatment. At less than an hour for the whole opera, this short, sharp shot of mayhem is ideal as a family treat. Antony McDonald (of 2018/19’s Hansel and Gretel) directs and designs this new production – the first ever staging of this musically virtuoso opera – with more than a touch of the Victorian toy theatre. The Red Queen, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter: meet a kaleidoscope of colourful characters in this joyful, headlong rush into a world gone deliciously mad.

Five star review in the Guardian: Alice’s Adventures Under Ground review – brilliant in every surreal detail.


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