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Illustrated by Leonard Weisgard

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll: illustrated by Leonard Weisgard.

Published by Harper & Brothers, New York, 1949.

Cover: grey and white illustrated boards. Full of really beautiful colour illustrations: I love these.

Leonard Weisgard (December 13, 1916-January 14, 2000) was an award-winning illustrator of over200 children’s books. On accepting the Caldecott Medal in 1948, he said:

“There are times in illustrating when the artist of today must rub his nose against the reality of things and try to catch with the honesty of a child a yellow sun like a pat of butter in the sky, with clouds of cottage cheese and the smoke of boats flying in all directions, with no concern for north or east. Houses with windows gaping and people like raisins on the street, a fire engine tearing off the page and a policeman stopping everything.”

Check out the website about him here.

Sometimes available on amazon: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass … With illustrations by Leonard Weisgard


Illustrated by Joe McLaren

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll: illustrated by Joe McLaren.

Published by Whites Books (Pocket Editions), 2010, hardcover book, embossed and with a black ribbon bookmark. First edition.

ISBN-13: 978-0956266828

Lovely little book, with wonderful illustrations, but it’s a shame that the band is glued to the inside front cover- I don’t want to remove it and damage the book, so I can’t scan in the whole cover…

Joe McLaren says on his website:

I was born in 1981, I live in Kent, I’m married, and I work as a freelance illustrator.

I graduated in 2003 from Brighton University (BA Hons Illustration First Class) and won a prize (University of Nagoya student show award~ first place).

I do lots of work for newspapers and magazines (most notably the Times and WIRED), and illustrate lots of book covers.

I can be contacted at

Available from Amazon: Alice in Wonderland (Pocket Classics)


Trevor Brown’s Alice

Trevor Brown’s Alice: illustrations by Trevor Brown.
With essays by Long Gone John and Kyo Satsuki. Translated by Don Kenny and Ei Kaneko.

Published by Treville Pan-exotica/ Kenichi Kawai.

Signed by the artist.

Trevor Brown (born 1959 in London) is a British artist who is currently living and working in Japan. His work explores paraphilia/ fetishes, so this is not a children’s Alice.

The book is a catalogue of sorts for his current gallery show at Bunkamura Gallery in Japan.

This special edition of the book features a pink spined jacket and a “diy pop-up kit” – which is really an extra book cover containing cards with shapes to cut out and assemble – all done up in the pink gros-grain ribbon.

In the main book there are 80 pages with 32 works including:

  • Alice Kawaii
  • Chess
  • Dumpty
  • Eat Me
  • The Pool of Tears
  • The Tweedles
  • Go Ask Alice
  • Cosmic Kitty
  • Through the Looking Glass
  • Which Dreamed It?
  • Green Tea Party
  • Curiouser and Curiouser
  • Down the Rabbit Hole
  • Impotent
  • Malice in Wonderland
  • Pig
  • Queen Alice
  • Red Painted Rose

You can see some of the pictures here, which is where I bought it. (Thanks to the lovely and helpful Katie). You can also order the standard edition- in blue and without the pop-up section.

As I say, the pop-up part of the package needs cutting out before assembling, so I expect mine will stay untouched. You can see what it should look like here.

You can get the 2010 paperback standard edition on Amazon: Trevor Brown: Alice


Abelardo Morell

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, illustrated with photographs by Abelardo Morell.

Published 1998 by Dutton Children’s Books (Penguin Putnam Inc).

Hardback with dustjacket.

Abelardo Morrell was born in 1948 in Havana, but is now a professor of photography at the Massachusetts College of Art.

This Alice is illustrated with black and white photos of scenes set up by Morell which include cutouts of Tenniel’s illustrations with props and effects that complement the action. I’m surprised this isn’t better known: I think it’s rather lovely.


Illustrated by Gavin L. O’Keefe

Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll, illustrated by Gavin L. O’Keefe.

Published by Ramble House, 2010. Hardback

ISBN: 978-1605434322

Gavin O’Keefe is an Australian illustrator. The pictures are suitably surrealistic black and white drawings, and don’t suffer from the usual problem of just being tooooo influenced by Tenniel.

From the cover:

Originally published in 1872, Lewis Carroll’s ‘Through The Looking-Glass And What Alice Found There’ takes us on a very different journey to Alice’s previous excursion into Wonderland. In ‘Looking-Glass,’ Alice passes through the mirror into a world of chess-people, curious school-boys, a living egg, sentient and loquacious flowers, and a host of other strange and fantastic creatures.

Alice is immediately given an evolving role in a game of chess being played out across the whole of the Looking-Glass world. As she travels through a landscape which at times defies the ‘normal’ laws of nature, she encounters characters who challenge her experience and perception. This world of ‘nonsense’ ultimately offers Alice, and the reader, insights into the ‘normal’ world.

Available on amazon: Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There


Anthony Browne

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, illustrated by Anthony Browne.

Published by Julia MacRae Books, a division of Walker Books, 1988.

Hardback first edition with dust-jacket.

ISBN: 0862033241

There are plenty of slightly surreal colour illustrations throughout in text and full page. I like the fact that they don’t  follow the Tenniel’s too closely.

I bought this for my father: he was an Alice fan too. In fact, all this is probably his fault.

Available on amazon: Alice in Wonderland


Peter Weevers

Alices’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll: illustrated by Peter Weevers. Published by Ted Smart, 1996. First published 1989 by Random House.

ISBN: 0091850770

4to. Hardback with dustjacket.

The original story, illustrated by France-based, UK-born watercolour artist Peter Weevers

I think this book suffers a bit from the common problem that many of the paintings are too similar to the Tenniels- it must be so hard seeing such familiar mental images in a new way. Having said that, there are an awful lot of them (100), and they’re certainly beautiful. The Alice was based on the artist’s daughter, Tilia.

You can see some of his work, including some of the Alice stuff here

Sometimes turns up on amazon: Alice in Wonderland

This one was a present- Thanks Jon!

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