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J. Pavlin and G. Seda Pop-up Alice

Alice in Wonderland pop-up book. Illustrated by Czech artists J.Pavlin and G. Seda.

Published in the UK by Octopus books, 1980. Illustrations © 1975.

Hardback: illustrated glossy boards.

With 6 double page pop-ups, all in working order.

I love the style of the pictures, but Alice looks disconcertingly like Terrance and Phillip from Southpark…

The duo have also produced other pop-ups including Aesop and Gulliver’s Travels.

On Amazon: Alice in Wonderland: Pop-up Book (Octopus pop-up picture stories)


Illustrated by Zdenko Bašic

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, retold by Harriet Castor.

Illustrated by Zdenko Bašic.

Published by Carlton Books Ltd, 2010

ISBN: 978-1847324368

From the publisher:

Young Alice dozes on a warm afternoon on the riverbank only to see a white rabbit with a pocket watch rushing down a rabbit hole. Alice follows and enters the magical world of Wonderland where anything and everything can happen. Each spread of this title includes additional features, such as poems, songs, letters, lists and notes that enrich the story, adding background and atmosphere to draw the reader along.

Harriet Castor sold her first book for publication at the age of twelve. Since then she has written more than forty books for children, plus a novel for adults. She grew up in Warwickshire, where she attended a full-time ballet school, but gave up dancing for Cambridge and a history degree. Harriet lives in Bristol. Born in Croatia, award-winning artist Zdenko Basic graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts in 2005. He has since illustrated many children’s books, including The Tales from Long Ago and The Cleverest Spider. In addition to his books, Zdenko works as a costume designer and scenographer.

This is a really charming book: a cross between a pop-up, a picture book and an advent calender. I’m trying to resist the temptation to open all the little doors and keep the book mint, but I suspect I’ll succumb soon: it’s just too sweet to leave alone.

The only confusing thing is that it’s Alice for younger children, but is marked “NOT suitable For children under 36 months due to potential small parts which may cause choking”. Bloody H&S. Grrrrr.

On amazon: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Pop-up Alice by J.Otto Seibold

Alice in Pop-up Wonderland by J.Otto Seibold. Paper engineered by James R. Diaz.

Published by Orchard Books: Scholastic Inc. 2003.

ISBN: 043941184X

Sebold is well known for his children’s books, including ‘Olive, The Other Reindeer’, ‘Vunce Upon a Time’, ‘Mr. Lunch Takes a Plane Ride’,  and ‘Penguin Dreams’.

His website is…. colourful….

The five pop-ups are not as amazing as the Sabudas, but the illustrations are very cool.

Available on amazon: Alice in Wonderland

Alice pops-up in my bedroom...


Pop-up Alice by Robert Sabuda

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: Pop-up Adaptation by Robert Sabuda

Published by Simon & Schuster 2003. Hardback first edition. Unfortunately, one of the pop-ups is torn, but I’m planning to fix it…

ISBN: 0689837593

The book has 7 fabulous full double page pop-ups and additional mini pop-ups contained within little story books on the page edges. There are also pull tabs and a very victorian-stylee ‘peep show’ tunnel effect of Alice falling down the rabbit hole. I love this book.

Robert Sabuda has done loads of other books: I’ve had a play with the sharks, dinosaurs and the Night Before Christmas, and they’re all stunning. Details on his site.

On amazon: Alice in Wonderland: Pop-up Book

Me trying to join Alice.


Alice’s Pop-up Wonderland

Alice’s Pop-up Wonderland.

Published by Ted Smart: Macmillan Childrens Books, 2000.

Illustrations by Tenniel and Alex Vining. Laminated pictorial covers.

There are six pop-up scenes and a heavily abridged text. The covers can be tied open with the attached ribbon to make a 360 degree scene, and a central pop-up also doubles as “the queen’s croquet game”.

ISBN: 0333901134

Mine is a very tatty copy, with some bits missing, but it was 79p in Oxfam, so I can’t complain.

Amazon: Alice’s Pop-up Wonderland

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