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Lila in the Land of Illusion

Lila in the Land of Illusion: A Retelling of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland by Swami Bhaktipada.

Illustrated by The New Vrindaban Community Artists.

Published by Palace Publishing, 1987. First edition paperback. ISBN: 093221519X

Lila Devi Dasi falls down a rabbit hole and discovers a world of nonsensical and amusing characters, where she constantly strives to remember the non-illusory Absolute Truth of Krishna.

The chapter titles are the same as in the original, but the details have been rewritten to reflect the religious leanings of the author. I haven’t read it right through as it’s starting to fall apart…

Available on Amazon: Lila in the Land of Illusion


The Engineer in Wonderland

The Engineer in Wonderland: The 1966-67 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures which were Televised on BBC1 and BBC2, by E.R. Laithwaite.

SBN: 340051795

Published by The English Universities Press Ltd, 1967. Hardback

The first in Eric Laithwaite’s pair of RI Christmas lectures- the second (Engineer Through the Looking Glass) is here.

Chapters include “The White Rabbit”: introducing the ideas of 2D worlds, mobius strips and ‘jumping rings’; “Only the Grin was Left”- magnetism and waves; and “If Only I’d Been the Right Size to Do it”- rotors, transformers and ‘goodness’.

Available on Amazon: The Engineer In Wonderland


Japanese Alice

Alice in Wonderland: Japanese Manga Version, by Lewis Carroll/ Kinoshita Sakura.

Published by Comics Gentosha 2009.

Softback cartoon version of the Alice story, in Japanese.

Well, it looks like a pretty faithful telling of the Carroll story, but it’s hard to tell, as my Japanese is non-existent- even worse than Google’s translation system, and that’s amusing enough: for example the translation given of the product description:

The girl jumped to chase the White Rabbit that Alice was a strange and mysterious world full of nonsense “Alice” to the best of Love, full of all-color comics.

…and one of the reviews…

Alice is expressed as a painting medium variety is often is a solemn reminiscent of the 19th century Britain, but for many, it also, she’s in this book girl manga exactly. The man smelled kitsch, which has become very familiar feel. Alice is also available at such. Pretty hard to say which is better than none of Tta but not a lot of the stories are all reproduced, unexpectedness is unreasonable in some countries feel from the original dream which I think is well embodied.

Fantastic đŸ™‚

I do like the way Alice’s outfit changes in each section of the book- that’s both dreamlike and really rather pretty.

This was sent via Amazon Japan as a thank-you to my mum for putting up a Japanese visitor. She’s working hard for me… đŸ˜‰

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