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The Complete Alice in Wonderland: Dynamite Comic

The Complete Alice in Wonderland: Dynamite Comic written by John Reppion and Leah Moore.

Artist: Erica Awano.

Published by Dynamite, 2009.

Full adaptation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in two comic books.

They’ve also done Looking-glass, including the Wasp in the Wig, but I haven’t got those yet…

There’s a hardback bound book of all the comics available on Amazon: Complete Alice In Wonderland HC

My copies were bought on ebay for much cheapness.


Alice in Wonderland (Graphic Novel Adaptation)

Alice in Wonderland (Graphic Novel Adaptation) by Lewis Carroll, adapted by Lewis Helfand.

Illustrated by Rajesh Nagulakonda.

Published by Campfire, 2010. Paperback.

Does what it says on the tin, really: graphic version of the original story.

There’s a little glossary of fantastic beasts at the back, including the Griffin, which seems relevant, and the phoenix, which seems rather less so…

ISBN: 978-9380028002

Available on Amazon: Alice in Wonderland (Graphic Novel Adaptation)


Mad With Wonder

Hatter M Vol. 2: Mad With Wonder by Frank Beddor and Liz Cavalier.

Art by Sami Makkonen

Automatic Pictures Publishing, 2009. Softback.

Graphic novel in the Looking Glass Wars series.

Product description:

It’s a mad, mad, mad world as Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan’s maniacal quest to find Alyss continues! In Volume 2, Mad With Wonder, Hatter follows the Glow from London to the battlefields of America’s Civil War in search of the Princess who must some day be Queen. The America that Hatter encounters is a sprawling, wounded, boiling landscape of innocence and energy run amok. The war is tearing the country apart, yet Hatter must maintain his sanity in this maelstrom of holy rollers, child healers, prophetic snake handlers, deranged outlaws, and passionate southern belles. As Hatter searches he learns he is not the only Wonderland presence that has found its way to the Promised Land. Queen Redd’s black imagination is fueling the Civil War and threatening our world with her evil!

The book includes Hatter Madigan’s adventures in Victorian London, an insane asylum and the American Civil War: and he’s not the only Wonderland character who ends up there…

Available on amazon: Hatter M Volume 2: Mad With Wonder


Looking Glass Adapted by Kyle Baker

Alice through the Looking Glass adapted by Kyle Baker.

Published by Papercutz, 2009. Hardback, no dust jacket.

ISBN: 15970711153

Graphic novel version of Looking Glass, by Kyle Baker: winner of eight Eisner and 5 Harvey awards.

One of a series of classic novels reproduced in graphic format. Others include  Oliver Twist, War of the Worlds, Frankenstein and Wind in the Willows.

Papercutz WordPress site here.

Amazon link: Through the Looking Glass (Classics Illustrated) (Classics Illustrated Graphic Novels)

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