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Under the Quizzing Glass: A Lewis Carroll Miscellany

Under the Quizzing Glass: A Lewis Carroll Miscellany edited by R.B. Shaberman and Denis Crutch.

Published by The Magpie Press, 1972. Paperback.

The credit page says “Limited to 400 numbered copies (Nos. 1-25 being specially bound) of which this is No.”, and then there’s not a number but a hand drawn dash. What does that mean?

According to the frontispiece:

…containing original studies of his life and work together with some scarce Carrolliana now first reprinted and a poem never before published.

The best bit from my point of view is the “First Draft of an Annotated Handlist of Continuations and Imitations of Alice”.  I have a fair few of them already, but it gives me plenty more to track down!

Shaberman has written other books on Carroll, and apparently also on Nostradamus. Denis Crutch has written for the Lewis Carroll Society.

Bought on Amazon: Under the Quizzing Glass: Lewis Carroll Miscellany


In Pursuit of Lewis Carroll

In Pursuit of Lewis Carroll by Raphael Shaberman.

Published by Greenwich Exchange, 1994.

ISBN: 1871551137

From the cover:

Sherlock Holmes and the Author uncover new evidence in their investigations into the mysterious life and writings of Lewis Carroll.

Together, they examine previous works by Carroll that have been overlooked by previous commentators. A newly-discovered poem, almost certainly by Carroll, is published here. S.D. Collingwood’s comprehensive bibliography of Carroll’s work is republished, in full, for the first time in many years.

Each chapter deals with an aspect of Carroll’s highly complex personality. It will surprise readers to learn that Carroll was interested in the problems of the identity of ‘Jack the Ripper’. Carroll’s relationship with his mother and father, with numerous child friends, and with the formidable Mrs Liddell, mother of the immortal ‘Alice’ are re-examined with fascinating results.

This book is essential reading for Carrollians and indeed anyone curious about the genius known by his world-famous pseudonym of ‘Lewis Carroll’.

About the author:

Raphael Shaberman is a life-long student of Lewis Carroll. He is a former teacher of autistic children, and has published a book on the autistic child, as well as a highly-praised bibliography of George MacDonald, the Victorian fantasy writer and author of children’s books.

Available on Amazon: In Pursuit of Lewis Carroll

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