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“Read Me” Leaflet: Brighton reads Alice in Wonderland

Read me: Leaflet advertising the Brighton City read to celebrate Penguin’s 70th anniversary in 2005.

8 pages of quotes, information and trivia. I do like the Warholesque cover.

From the City-wide reading initiative website:

Going underground! Brighton and Hove burrows into the most curious book of the 19th century: Between March and May, The Word in collaboration with Brighton Festival and other local organizations, is encouraging the whole city to read the first children’s book with a crossover appeal to adults – Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland. Carroll was a frequent visitor to Brighton from 1864 to 1887, staying with his old Christ Church friend the Reverend Henry Barclay at 11 Sussex Square and, in 1887 he watched the stage version of Alice being performed at the Theatre Royal. He is said to have got inspiration for the rabbit hole from a small underground tunnel running down to the sea in Brighton.


Alice in the Magic Garden

Alice in the Magic Garden by Moses David (also known as David Brandt Berg.) He was the founder and leader of the cult formerly called The Children of God, but now known as “The Family International”.

Published by The Children of God in 1974.

Religious pamphlet using Alice imagery, promoting what is a rather dodgy cult, according to most sources. Allegations made against the organisation include abduction and physical and sexual abuse.

Illustrations signed “Eman Artist”, which is apparently a pseudonym for Hugo Westphal, who was expelled from the ‘family’ after repeated accusations of severe physical abuse against women and children.

River and Joaquin Phoenix were child members of the cult from 1972–1978. River Phoenix, who died of a drug overdose in 1993, has been quoted as saying that “they’re ruining people’s lives”.

All in all an interesting if disturbing piece of ephemera.

Bought in Marchpane Books, Cecil Court.

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