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Batman: Through the Looking Glass

Batman: Through the Looking Glass by Bruce Jones (Author) and Sam Kieth (Illustrator).

ISBN-13: 978-1781160206

Published by Titan Books, 2012.

Hardback with dustjacket. First edition.

Bruce Jones has written The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man and is currently working on Vigilante. Sam Kieth drew the first five issues of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and went on to create his own comic series called The Maxx.

Publisher’s blurb:

In this original graphic novel, Batman meets his foe The Mad Hatter for the very first time – landing The Dark Knight in a Won-derland he could never have imagined, hot on the heels of a white rabbit. But is this strange place real, or a hallucination? Robinand Alfred have to believe he’s deep in delirium – but if that’s the case, how does he manage to resolve several mysteries that have plagued Gotham City for decades.

This fantastic tale is spun by renowned comics writer Bruce Jones (THE INCREDIBLE HULK) with surreal art by Sam Kieth(THE MAXX, BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM – MADNESS, LOBO).

Wonderland influenced characters include Celia, Claude Lapin Blanc, Jimmie Cheshire, Dunphrey and Denham Tweedle and Judge Hart.

Reviews seem generally unpromising, but it does seem to be a love it or hate it sort of book.

Available on Amazon: Batman – Through the Looking Glass


The All-New Batman: The Brave And The Bold #3- Through the Looking Glass

The All-New Batman: The Brave And The Bold #3– Through the Looking Glass: Chynna Clugston: editor, Dan Davis: inker, Heroic Age: colourer, Rick Burchett: cover, Scott Peterson: editor, Sholly Fisch: writer, Travis Lanham: letterer.

Comic book published by DC Comics: released in March 2011.

In which Batman and the Flash jump through the Mirror Master’s mirror and wind up Through the Looking Glass, where ‘The Mad Hatter’ takes control of the Flash because “he’s one of the few heroes with the good taste to wear a hat.” The heroes meet characters from Alice including Humpty Dumpty, the White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat, and eventually defeat the villains- and a Jabberwock to boot.

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