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A New Alice in the Old Wonderland

A New Alice in the Old Wonderland by Anna M. Richards.

The 67 illustrations are credited to Anna M. Richards Jr- the author’s daughter Anna Richards Brewster.

Published by J. B. Lippincott of Philadelphia, 1895.

Alice Lee manages to get to Wonderland and meets all the familiar characters there.

I have two copies of this: one from 1896- a bit tatty, hardback in red boards. It has that lovely old bookshop smell. The other is a modern reprint published by the Wildside Press in 2000: ISBN: 978-1587151996.

I like the ‘Test Questions on Physics” asked in the Kindergarten- here are a few of them:

6. What is momentum?

The force with which anything strikes you at the moment.

7. To what is momentum always equal?

It is always equal to the occasion.

8. Give an instance.

If a ball propelled at a given moment should strike the head of a professor of Physics, the result would be more momentous — i.e., have greater momentum — than if a similar ball at that moment should strike the head of a very bad small boy. The momentum in each instance would be equal to the occasion, plus the square of the difference in importance.

9. What is a lever?

A species of stick.

10. How was it discovered?

Two workmen were once endeavoring to lift a heavy boat. Not being able to do it, one of them cried, ‘ Let us leave her !’

‘Lever! the very thing’, said the other.

And he took up what was formerly supposed to be only a crowbar, and moved the boat with surprising ease.

Full text on-line here.

Amazon copies (new and old) here: New Alice


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