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Alice in Womanland

Alice in Womanland or The Feminine Mistake by Margaret Bennett: a pseudonym for Barbara Toohey and June Biermann.

Published by Prentice-Hall, 1967. Hardback with dustjacket.

A ‘satirical overview of the condition of the American woman’. There’s a nice little article about it here.

Chapters include “The Housewife Drink Me,” The Career Drink Me,” The Art Patroness Drink Me,” “The Motherhood Drink Me” and “The Playmate Drink Me.”

Toohey and Biermann’s other books range from travel (From Baedeker to Worse) to sports (skiing and biking), but when Biermann became diabetic, they began writing about that (The Peripatetic Diabetic: Good Health, Good Times, and Good Food for the Diabetic Who Wants to Have It All). And when Biermann suffered a stroke, they wrote about the life and experiences of sufferer and carer (The Stroke Book: A Guide to Life After Stroke for Survivors and Those Who Care for Them).

Available on Amazon: Alice in Womanland ~ Or The Feminine Mistake


The Engineer in Wonderland

The Engineer in Wonderland: The 1966-67 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures which were Televised on BBC1 and BBC2, by E.R. Laithwaite.

SBN: 340051795

Published by The English Universities Press Ltd, 1967. Hardback

The first in Eric Laithwaite’s pair of RI Christmas lectures- the second (Engineer Through the Looking Glass) is here.

Chapters include “The White Rabbit”: introducing the ideas of 2D worlds, mobius strips and ‘jumping rings’; “Only the Grin was Left”- magnetism and waves; and “If Only I’d Been the Right Size to Do it”- rotors, transformers and ‘goodness’.

Available on Amazon: The Engineer In Wonderland


Illustrated by Ralph Steadman

Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Ralph Steadman.

Published by Firefly. The 47 amazing pen and ink illustrations were first published in 1967, but in this edition 2003.

ISBN: 1552977544

There are two prefaces from Steadman, one written in 1967 and one in 1986. I like the earlier one, explaining his decisions on how to draw the different characters.

You can even buy umbrellas with the pictures on 🙂

…and the amazon link is: Alice in Wonderland, although I’m rather doubtful about the quoted price of over ÂŁ700…

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