Trumpty Dumpty 2: From Mother Goose to Wonderland…

Trumpty Dumpty 2: From Mother Goose to Wonderland… by Michael S. Luzzi


Self published collection of parody poems on an anti-Trumpian theme. Seems a suitable book to add to the site today after the news from the States last night.

ISBN: 1732128316 / 9781732128316

The bumpf: 

The second book in the Trumpty Dumpty series is a rollicking political parody in verse using “Alice In Wonderland” characters to represent Trump and his associates as they go down the rabbit hole masquerading as competent officials who believe they know how to run a country. Meet Jared Kushner as the “compulsive” White Knight with compassion for Alice (Ivanka); Mnuchin’s Cheshire Cat, grins mischievously from a tree because he knows that the not-so-secret of Wonderland is “madness.” Roger Stone acts as the perfect Mad Hatter well-known for being provocative. “Trumpty Dumpty 2: From Mother Goose to Wonderland” works as a primer to help readers understand the bigger picture through Trumpty Dumpty nursery rhymes, limericks, parodies of well-known poems and popular songs, haiku, tributes to late night satirists. A do-it-yourself interactive section is included to complete limericks and poem parodies. Droll and witty rhymes deliver a hard-hitting chronicle of the chaos, which is designed to help the reader navigate the murky waters of the Trump administration and nudge Trumpty off his wall.

The cover shows various Trump allies as Wonderland figures, including:

Putin as the Caterpillar

Ivanka as Alice

Devos as the Duchess

Giuliani as the Carpenter

Pence as the White Rabbit

Eric and Donald Jr as Dum and Dee

The kindest things I can say are that it means well, I agree with the sentiment and I admire anyone who puts in the effort to write.

Available on Amazon, if you really feel you must.


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