Janice in Tomorrow-Land

Janice in Tomorrow-Land by Emory Holloway.

Published by American Book Company, 1936.

First Edition hardback, no dustjacket.

I’m not sure who the illustrations are by, but they’re wonderful- real 1930s style idea of the future. The first picture in the book includes a stained glass window with a depiction of Alice and the White Rabbit. It’s through this window that she meets ‘Mr Merlin’, who takes her on a number of adventures…

Emory Holloway (1885 -1977) was best known for books and studies of Walt Whitman.

You can find this on Amazon: Janice in Tomorrow-Land, but it’s generally pretty scarce and certainly rather expensive.

I couldn’t resist scanning in several of the illustrations:


4 Responses to “Janice in Tomorrow-Land”

  1. 1 Britta
    August 29, 2015 at 5:34 pm

    Hi, I found your Alice-site a couple of days ago, and have read all of the postings. I have enjoyed the read so much, so I thought I’d let you know … 😉 Along the way, reading here, I have searched on Amazon, AbeBooks and Ebay, so in a few days the resaults of that will show up in my mailbox.

    I discovered the Alice-books a couple of years ago, as here in Norway these books have not had the same popularity as in most countries. Probably because of the translations … These books should be read only in English, so much is lost in translation, even in good translations …

    • August 30, 2015 at 12:54 pm

      Thanks for your kind comments! There are so many different versions out there: different re-tellings, different languages and different illustrators!

      • 3 Britta
        October 7, 2015 at 12:13 pm

        Hi again and thanks for your answer !

        What’s particularly interesting in your blog is that you show books that don’t come up in “Alice wonderland”-and “Alice Looking Glass” surches. So reading here has lead to 5 great finds for me … 😉

        I thought I’d tell you about one title that isn’t mentioned on your blog : “The wonderland Alphabet”, if you copy and paste the adddress below you can see part of the book on the “look inside”-funksjon on Amazon. (When I’m on my tablet I have click on “full site” at the bottom of the page to use “look inside”):


        This is not an ABC-book, the vocabulary is too advanced both to read and to understand for small children. It’s a book for those who know and love “Wonderland” and “Looking Glass”. I love the drawings INSIDE the book, the cover is not so attractive. The verses are delightful.

        I wrote in my last comment that “W.” and “L.G.” should be read in English. No use for me to read it in Norwegian, because Carroll is playing with words in ways that often can not be translated…

        But I have read the books in German and tried (!) in French. And I find that reading a text that I know well (in English) in those languages (that I don’t know as well as English) have been good reading experiences. So you who have English as your first language could try that if you want to “fresh up” a language you’ve learned at school, but not practiced much since then…

        There are some beautiful French, German and Spanish editions. I can recommend some if that’s of any interest.

  2. 4 Britta
    October 8, 2015 at 4:13 pm

    Sorry for the misspellings I made yesterday. But since I’m here again, I may as well post another link to show a book that might interest Alice-collectors. There are two links in the text on the page :


    The book is a large format paperback of 48 pages. I purchased it directly from the author. The book has an interesting African twist to the Alice story, and very nice drawings.

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