Buddy Tucker Meets Alice in Wonderland

Buddy Tucker Meets Alice in Wonderland: written and illustrated by R.F. Outcault.

Published by Cupples & Leon, 1905.

First edition paperback pamphlet/comic with the colour cover missing. Part of the Buster Brown series. 16 pages. Colour plates by Richard Felton Outcault.

Reprinted from the 1905 New York Herald Sunday Supplement.

Richard Felton Outcault (1863 – 1928) was an American comic strip writer and artist. After studying art in Cincinnati and Paris, he was employed by Joseph Pulitzer at the New York World. He was later headhunted by William Randolph Hearst, owner of the New York Journal, who apparently offered him a considerable amount of money to join the newspaper.

He created the Buster Brown series, and is considered the inventor of the modern comic strip.

In the comic, Alice takes Buddy and Botts the Bear to “The House That Jack Built” meeting Jack and the other characters in the story: The Rat That Ate the Malt, which bites Botts on the nose; The Dog That Worried the Cat; The Cow That Tossed the Dog, who tosses the dog onto Botts’ head and The Maiden All Forlorn, whereupon Botts tries to frighten the forlorn out of her.

Bought from Marchpane Books.


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