Alice in Holidayland

Alice in Holidayland: a parody in prose, verse, and picture, perpetrated with apologies to the immortal originals of Lewis Carroll and John Tenniel, text by F.W. Martindale and pictures by Frank H. Mason and Noel Pocock.

Softback published by Chorley & Pickersgill, second edition. I’m unsure of the date: it’s undated and some places have it listed as 1914, others as 1920. Some of the artwork was used as a poster for the railways in 1923, maybe that makes 1920 more likely?

The book is really an advert for the NER railway services running to the Yorkshire coast: Alice visits some of the resorts in the area: including Robin Hood’s Bay, Filey, Redcar, Saltburn and Whitby. Some of them are no longer in Yorkshire…

The pictures are lovely, and I really want to read it all, but the pages are damaged at the bottom (just a little rip) and I’m worried it’ll get worse if I turn them too much.

Found an excerpt online though:

“That’s a good excuse”, said the guard, who was wearing a cap with the letters N.E.R upon it.

“Nobody Ever Returns from Holidayland if they can help it, is that what the letters on your cap mean?”, said Alice. “Not exactly right” said the guard. “You see, they might stand for Nice Easy Running.”

“Or, Not Easily Rivaled”, said the old gentleman in the corner.

This one seems to be pretty hard to find. Mine came from Stella and Rose books.


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  1. September 27, 2010 at 9:45 am

    I like your website, and I’m linking to mine http://www.jabberwock.co.uk/blog. I hope you’ll want to do the same.

    The Filey Brigg picture is interesting. The illustrator has lifted Tenniel’s characters and put them into a watercolour – what a good idea. I’d love to see a copy of the book, although I don’t usually collect Alice items.

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