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Illustrated by Tove Jansson

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Illustrated by Tove Jansson.

ISBN: 0440000750 or 0440000696

Published by Delacorte Press. My copy- second printing, 1978. The illustrations in colour and in black and white are copyright 1966, same as me šŸ˜‰

Hardback with dustjacket.

Tove Jansson is, of course, best known for the Moomins, who are currently undergoing something of a revival. I suspect that’s partly why this book comes up quite expensive.

Jansson was born and died in Helsinki: 1914 and 2001. I’ll let you decide which date is which. She’s also illustrated the Snark, but I’ve yet to find that one.

You can see all the illustrations here. I love the use of the Lewis Chessmen as models for the King and Queen of Hearts.

Bought from Oxfam via Amazon for Ā£40 or so. Still some copies on there: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Ann in the Moon

Ann in the Moon by Frances D. Francis.

Illustrated by Alan Aldridge.

Published by Bancroft, London, 1970. Hardback, 1st edition. No dustjacket, but I assume it never had one, seeing as the frontcover still has the old price label stuck to it. (21/- or Ā£1.05, in case you’re wondering…)

This book is an example of how confusing and confounding and surprising collecting Alice books can be: I have discovered most of my books by stumbling across them in shops or jumble sales; or by searching the various bookselling internet sites for ‘alice spoof‘, ‘alice parody‘, or any puns I can think of on ‘Wonderland’.
So where the hell do you start when the book is called ‘Ann in the Moon’?

I only came across this when a bookseller I had purchased from before mentioned it to me. And I love it. I’m not even sure exactly what makes it an Alice book, but the pictures certainly help:

I knew Alan Aldridge’s stuff well as a child: I loved Butterfly Ball and the Beatles pictures.Ā  There’s a wiki page on him here if you want to know more about him.

Frances D. Francis, however, is more of a mystery. If anyone knows anything about her, I’d love to hear it….

On amazon: Ann in the Moon

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