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Alice’s Adventures in Cambridge

Alice’s Adventures in Cambridge by R.C Evart.

Illustrations by E.L. Baron. Paperback.

Originally published by the Cambridge University Press in 1913, this is a reprint by the History Press in 2008, with a new introduction by The Harvard Lampoon.
Spoof on college life and politics, including a chapter on Student Council Meetings:

After running a little way through the woods, Alice stopped in surprise before a table which was set out under a tree. The table was laid for at least thirty people, but only three were sitting at it. Alice immediately recognized the Hatter and the March Hare, and the third she was quite sure must be the Dormouse, as it was fast asleep. The Hatter wore a very high hat covered with eight or ten hatbands of various colors. As soon as he saw Alice he cried out, “Radcliffe not admitted!”

“But my name isn’t Radcliffe,” said Alice, as she took a seat.

“Nobody said it was,” the Hatter replied.

“But you looked at me,” said Alice.

“That was unavoidable,” said the March Hare. “Nobody looks at Radcliffe students for pleasure.”

“I don’t think much of Nobody’s taste then,” said the Dormouse, waking up.

“Come, come,” cried the Hatter, bringing a huge mallet down on the table with a crash. “The meeting is called to order.”

“This is a meeting of the Student Council,” the March Hare explained to Alice, “and we are the Student Council. At least,” he said pointing to the Dormouse, “he is the Student and we are the Council.”

“Phibetakappa, Phibetakappa, Phibetakappa,” murmured the Dormouse sleepily, and was immediately silence by the Hatter hitting him over the head with the mallet.

ISBN: 9781596296053

Amazon: Alice’s Adventures in Cambridge


Alice Eats Wonderland

Alice Eats Wonderland by August Imholtz, Alison Tannenbaum, and A. E. K. Carr.

Published by Applewood Books, 2009. Paperback.

Subtitled “An Irreverent Annotated Cookbook Adventure”.

From the publisher:

This cookbook adventure is based on Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” The cookbook contains one or more excerpts from each of the twelve chapters of the original story, but each has been given a new twist, with the theme that Alice, like most children, is more or less constantly hungry. Her appetite is assuaged only by her pursuit of the animal characters (and some of the vegetables) that appear in the story. Alice learns to prepare, cook, and consume these, with the help of the included recipes. Although many of the characters seem, alas, to be transformed into edible dishes during the adventure, the story has a surprisingly happy ending.

Alice Eats Wonderland combines excerpts from the original text, notes and original illustrations with recipes and anecdotes based around the stories and characters. I’ve not tried any of the recipes, but it looks good fun…

Amazon: Alice Eats Wonderland


Mayflower Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass: Carroll/ Tenniel.

Published by Mayflower, 1969. Paperback, first edition.

Not much to say about this one: it’s just a standard edition of Looking Glass with Tenniel illustrations.

I like the design of the cover though.

ISBN: 0583116434

I think this was another one from mum. She keeps me well supplied.

On Amazon: Through the Looking Glass


In Search of Alice: Being the Adventures of William in Underland

In Search of Alice: Being the Adventures of William in Underland by Guy Bousfield. Published by C. & J. Temple, London.

Hard Cover. 8vo. First Edition?: not dated, but pencil inscription on the fly-leaf says 1952, which is the year of publication.

Illustrations by B. Biro.

This is a new storybook rather than a spoof or satire, featuring William’s (Bill’s) search for, and adventures with, the original Alice. Reintroduces many old friends from the original, including the Duchess, the Hare, Hatter and the Dormouse, the caterpillar and the White Queen, who rather charmingly cries ivory tears.

New characters include:

  • The Goopher
  • The Owl
  • The Kangaroo
  • The Beefeater

Bought on abebooks, 2008


The Looking Glass Wars: Seeing Redd

The Looking Glass Wars: Seeing Redd: by Frank Beddor.

Published by Egmont Books Ltd, 2007. First edition in paperback.

ISBN: 978-1405209885

Second book in the Looking Glass Wars trilogy.

From the product description:

Return to the dazzling world of The Looking Glass Wars as Wonderland is fantastically brought to life again by acclaimed Hollywood producer, Frank Beddor. Alyss of Wonderland’s rule has only just begun, but the Queendom and her White Imagination are already under threat. Someone has resurrected the brutal Glass Eyes, and they are attacking Wonderland on all sides. Has renegade Redd Heart freed herself and her assassin Cat from the prism of the Heart Crystal? Can Alyss trust Boarderland’s King Arch, as he extends a benevolent helping hand? A battle is raging but who is the enemy?

I’m a bit suspicious of Frank Beddor (completely unfounded). I don’t like the books, and I sometimes think he’s just sussed that us Alice freaks will spend good cash on any old Alice related thing: after all, I have bought them all- he’s on to a sure thing. However, I’m sure I’m wrong, as the books have got good reviews, and sold loads. Personal taste, that’s all. Make up your own mind. Here’s the “About the Author”:

Frank Beddor is the CEO of Automatic Pictures, a film, television, and interactive game production company. He produced the hit film There’s Something About Mary. Frank Beddor hails from Minneapolis, and attended the University of Utah, where he trained for the U.S. Ski Team. One of the world’s foremost freestyle skiers, Beddor competed in the sport for five years, and was twice crowned World Champion. Trading the alpine slopes for the Hollywood Hills, Frank has worked alongside Emilio Estevez, Carrie Fisher, Chris Penn, Jennifer Tilly and Kevin Dillion. Frank Beddor lives in the U.S but is available for interviews.

Available on amazon:Seeing Redd: The Looking Glass Wars

Looking Glass Wars website here.


Mystery Alice

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Published by Ward Lock, as book 8 of the Royal Series.

I can’t find out much at all about this book, so if anyone recognises the cover and can help, I’d be delighted.

It has no information at all inside: no date, no name for the illustrator of the dustjacket or the frontispiece. It’s too old for an ISBN. It did cost 4/-.

There are no internal illustrations, just the cover and frontispiece.

I think this one came from mum: thanks!


My Old Macmillan Alice

Through the Looking Glass: Carroll and Tenniel.

Published by Macmillan, 1971. Hardback, no dustjacket.

ISBN: 0333078225

Given to me by my Aunt and Uncle in 1973, so it’s been with me quite a while. I know I’d read both Alices before I got this, but it’s the first copy I remember owning. It was two of my bookplates inside: the one I used as a little girl (coincidentally with a picture of Alice on it) and the one I used as a teenager. I obviously wasn’t planning on losing this one.

I’ve coloured in all the illustrations, but rather beautifully, if I do say so myself. I’m unsure as to why I have retraced the dedication in brown felt-tip though. Maybe I was trying to understand how someone else wrote. Understandable, with my blagh handwriting.

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