Jonathan Miller’s Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland, adapted, produced and directed by Jonathan Miller.

Made for the BBC’s The Wednesday Play television series, first broadcast in 1966, and in a time-slot that confirmed that this was a production for adults, not children: and adults familiar with the story. There is no attempt to make the actors look like birds or beasts or anything other than Victorian Ladies and Gentlemen: we have to rely on animal sounds and on that really rare beast: acting.

Miller himself said:

“It is a film about children, not explicitly for them”


Alice MALLIK, Ann-Marie
nurse DOWIE, Freda
Alice’s sister MAXWELL-MULLER, Jo
White Rabbit BRAMBELL, Wilfrid
Mouse BENNETT, Alan
Dodo CURRIE, Finlay
Lory DUNN, Geoffrey
Eaglet EVANS, Nicholas
young Crab JEBB, Julian
Caterpillar REDGRAVE, Michael
Frog footman BIRD, John
Fish footman TRENT, Tony
Duchess McKERN, Leo
Peppercook ELGAR, Avril
Mad Hatter COOK, Peter
March Hare GOUGH, Michael
Dormouse LAWSON, Wilfred
1st Gardener GOSTELOW, Gordon
2nd Gardener TRENT, Tony
Knave of Hearts EYRE, Peter
Queen of Hearts LEGGATT, Alison
King of Hearts SELLERS, Peter
Mock Turtle GIELGUD, John
Gryphon MUGGERIDGE, Malcolm
Executioner BATTLEY, David
Foreman of the Jury LEWSON, Charles
Cheshire Cat (uncredited) Primrose

Music by Ravi Shankar.
Part of the production was filmed in the John Soanes museum: one of my favourite London secrets.

Amazon: Alice In Wonderland [1966] [DVD]

2 Responses to “Jonathan Miller’s Alice in Wonderland”

  1. 1 Jeffrey Puukka
    February 12, 2010 at 4:32 am

    I have wanted to see this for ages. I’ve always been an enthusiast or interpretations of Alice…

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