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Lewis Carroll and His World

Lewis Carroll and His World by John Pudney.

Published by Thames and Hudson 1976. Hardback 4to with dustjacket. First edition.

ISBN: 0500130582

Portrait frontispiece and 119 illustrations: a mixture of photos and drawings.

John Pudney was a British journalist and writer. He was known for short stories, poetry, non-fiction and children’s fiction. There’s a rather charming photo of him in the National Portrait Gallery.

Available on amazon: Lewis Carroll and His World (Pictorial Biography)


The Nursery “Alice” (Facsimile Classics Series)

The Nursery “Alice” by Lewis Carroll.

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books

ISBN: 0333273869

The Nursery “Alice” is a shortened version of Alice, specially adapted by the author for children “from nought to five”, and with twenty of Tenniel’s illustrations which have been coloured to give a more picture-booky feel.

It was first published in 1890 by Macmillan, 25 years after the original and featured a new cover illustrated by E. Gertrude Thomson, which this copy does have, unlike my other Nursery Alice.

You can read the whole text here.

“Oh dear,  oh dear!”  said the Rabbit.  “I shall be too late !”   What would it be too late for,  I wonder ?   Well,  you see,  it had to go and visit the Duchess (you’ll see a picture of the Duchess,  soon,  sitting in her kitchen):  and the Duchess was a very cross old lady:  and the Rabbit knew she’d be very angry indeed if he kept her waiting.   So the poor thing was as frightened as frightened could be (Don’t you see how he’s trembling ?   Just shake the book a little,  from side to side,  and you’ll soon see him tremble),  because he thought the Duchess would have his head cut off,  for a punishment.   That was what the Queen of Hearts used to do,  when she was angry with people (you’ll see a picture of her,  soon):  at least she used to order their heads to be cut off,  and she always thought it was done,  though they never really did it.

On amazon here:The Nursery Alice (Facsimile Classics Series)


Illustrated by Dagmar Berková

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

Illustrated by Dagmar Berková.

Published by Aventium for The Treasure Press., Reed International Books, 1992. Hardback, no dustjacket.

ISBN: 1850517002

I think the cover of this is horrible, which is a shame, as the pictures inside are some of my favourites. My copy is falling apart, but cost 25p, so I can’t complain. I do notice that there’s a copy on abebooks for £4.00 at the moment though, so I might upgrade- the pictures really are very good…

Berková is a Czech artist, and has illustrated several other children’s books including the story of The Magic Flute and Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales.

I believe that mum bought me this one. Thanks mum!

Another picture here.

Available on amazon: Alice’s adventures in Wonderland ;: And, Alice through the looking glass

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