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The Story of Lewis Carroll

The Story of Lewis Carroll by Roger Lancelyn Green. Published by Methuen and Co. 1949.

8vo clothbound hardback ?first edition?

Lancelyn Green published several books and articles on Lewis Carroll, including an edition of his diaries. Carroll’s nieces, Violet and Menella Dodgson, asked him to produce the diaries after reading this book, but they were heavily edited, and recent studies have suggested that this editing contributed to the “Carroll Myth”.

Available on amazon: The Story of Lewis Carroll.


Aspects of Alice

Aspects of Alice: Lewis Carroll’s Dream Child as Seen Through the Critics’ Looking-glasses, 1865-1971 edited by Robert Philips. Published by Penguin 1971, this copy 1981.

ISBN: 0140037950

A collection of essays and criticisms on Alice, including contributions from Virginia Woolf,  Alexander Woolcot (Lewis Carroll’s Gay Tapestry), A.M.E. Goldschmidt (Alice in Wonderland Psychoanalyzed), John Skinner (About the Symbolisation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland), Edmund Wilson (C.L. Dodgson: The Poet Logician) and W.H. Auden.

Also has the lyrics to Grace Slick’s White Rabbit.

Eclectic, much?

My first copy belonged to dad, and is in pieces, but is precious. I have a newer reading copy, but this is rapidly heading the same way: it seems this book has a built in obsolescence…


Alice in Genderland: Reflections on Language, Power and Control

Alice in Genderland: Reflections on Language, Power and Control by various- the Language and Gender Working Party. Published 1985 by the National Association for the Teaching of English.

Paperback first edition.

ISBN: 0901291013

A collection of articles with titles such as ” A Woman’s World”, Innocence and Experience: The Politics of Gender and Sexual Experience”  and “Tampax and Flowers”, all prefixed with a suitable selection from the Alice books, and with a (rather good) parody of a Tenniel illustration.

On amazon here: Alice in Genderland: Reflections on Language, Power and Control


Exeunt Alice

Exeunt Alice by ‘Lewis Carroll’ and Kevin Sweeney. Published by Black Rainbow Press, 2008. Paperback, no illustrations.

ISBN: 0955693810

Claiming to be Lewis Carroll’s ‘third and final book’, this is of course, nothing of the kind. The author himself says here:

…this book is “metafictional”, a fiction about a fiction presented as fact. Carroll’s name is attached to it because the conceit is that it is a “discovered” first draft written at the end of his life. It was written as a homage to the Alice books, and as a sort of psychological portrait of Carroll (albeit not a “photo realistic” portrait; sick to death of him being portrayed as a drug fiend or a paedophile, I sought to look at his religious beliefs as the fuel for his creative energy.) I love the Alice books, and having read some brilliant continuations of her adventures, I hoped to write something that would be as much as a tribute as other (more talented) writers before me have written.


Alice’s Misadventures Underground

Alice’s Misadventure’s Underground by Bradley E. Craddock. iUniverse 2006. Paperback.

ISBN: 0595403867

Sort of a ‘parallel Alice’- the conceit is that a manuscript has been found after lying for years in an attic:  it seems to mean that Lewis Carroll plagiarised all the ideas behind Alice, and effectively destroyed the original author, Lewis C. Swanson:

Scholars now contend that Swanson is the original author of Carroll’s masterpiece, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The tragic victim of Carroll’s plagiarizing, Swanson committed literary suicide in 1865 and died in absolute obscurity. Swanson finally earns his place in the annals of literature with this new English translation of the original story. Painstaking research has gone into annotating the lost manuscript, proving, once and for all, that Swanson was the original author of the famous work attributed to Carroll.

It looks like quite good fun on first scan- has a feel of the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in the writing- but I have yet to read the whole thing. Sometime I like to read stuff other than Alice, and so I get behind… 😉

No pictures apart from the foul front cover.

Bought on Amazon: Alice’s Misadventures Underground: The Complete Annotated Oxford Text


Alternative Alices

Alternative Alices: Visions and Revisions of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’ Books by Carolyn Sigler. Published by the University Press of Kentucky, 1997. Paperback 8vo.

ISBN: 0813109329

Amazon: Alternative Alices: Visions and Revisions of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’ Books

A collection of twenty ‘responses’ to the Alice books between 1869 and 1930: the editor suggests that the numbers of Alice parodies declined after this, but my collection still seems to include plenty…

Anyway: from the publisher:

In the decades following the publication of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, male and female writers on both sides of the Atlantic, radicals as well as conservatives, produced no fewer than 200 imitations, revisions, and parodies of Carroll’s fantasies for children. In this delightful anthology, Carolyn Sigler gathers twenty of the most interesting and original of these responses to the Alice books, many of them long out of print. Alternately satiric, enchanting, experimental, and subversive, these Alice-inspired works reveal how variously Carroll’s books were read, reinscribed, and resisted in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Anyone who has ever followed Alice down the rabbit hole will enjoy the adventures of her literary siblings in the wide Wonderland of the human imagination.

The book mentions, among others, E. Nesbit, Tom Hood, Anna M. Richards, E.F. Benson, Charles E. Carryl, Christina Rosetti, Frances Hodgson Burnett and Saki.

And I’m shocked after looking at this book some years after I bought it: I have now got a fair few of them. It was invaluable when I started collecting. It’s sometimes difficult to search for Alice spoofs/ parodies: some have neither ‘Alice’ nor ‘wonderland’ in the title. Not much help on Google…


alison wonderland

Alison Wonderland by Helen Smith. Published by Victor Gollancz in 1999. First edition paperback.

ISBN: 0-575-06718-7

Bought in Oxfam for 79p, purely on the basis of the name….

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