Alice’s Misadventures Underground

Alice’s Misadventure’s Underground by Bradley E. Craddock. iUniverse 2006. Paperback.

ISBN: 0595403867

Sort of a ‘parallel Alice’- the conceit is that a manuscript has been found after lying for years in an attic:  it seems to mean that Lewis Carroll plagiarised all the ideas behind Alice, and effectively destroyed the original author, Lewis C. Swanson:

Scholars now contend that Swanson is the original author of Carroll’s masterpiece, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The tragic victim of Carroll’s plagiarizing, Swanson committed literary suicide in 1865 and died in absolute obscurity. Swanson finally earns his place in the annals of literature with this new English translation of the original story. Painstaking research has gone into annotating the lost manuscript, proving, once and for all, that Swanson was the original author of the famous work attributed to Carroll.

It looks like quite good fun on first scan- has a feel of the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in the writing- but I have yet to read the whole thing. Sometime I like to read stuff other than Alice, and so I get behind… 😉

No pictures apart from the foul front cover.

Bought on Amazon: Alice’s Misadventures Underground: The Complete Annotated Oxford Text


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